Standard Rental Pricing

$250/Day for 1 - 4 Days

$200/Day for 5+ Days

Rental includes:
delivery and pick up of bike within 60 mile radius of Highland Cycles
*Delivery and pick up out side of are is available for an extra fee*

*Highland Cycles will provide a gas can with 5 Gallons of gas mixed with Motorex 2T oil.  Any more fuel needed will be supplied by renter.  Renter must use Motorex 2T oil mixed 60:1*

Highland Cycles map of riding area to take home
*Only includes Adobes or Uncompahgre Plateau maps.  We do not have maps of other areas*

Bike Specs

Enduro Engineering Aluminum Skid Plate
SRT Rear Rotor Guard
SRT Radiator Guards
Cycra Probend Hand Guards
System Tech Racing Front Rotor Guard
System Tech Racing Clutch Cover Guard

System Tech Racing Rear Brake Caliper Radiator (keeps us from boiling our brake fluid and losing the rear brake)
System Tech Racing Rear Master Cylinder Cooler (keeps us from boiling our brake fluid and losing the rear brake)
SRT Exhaust Pipe (Performs like a stock exhaust but is tougher than stock so it stays straight in a crash and doesn’t get all bent up, causing a loss in power)
JD Jetting Kit (Everyone knows the stock carb settings are terrible.  The JD kit is great an less expensive than a SMART or Lectron Carb)
Evans Powersport Coolant
Dirt Tricks 52 tooth Rear Sprocket (a little more bark down low)

Premium Re-Valve by Highland Suspension Including the Dal Saggio XP-1 Kit For Xplor Forks
System Tech Racing Speed Bleed Valves
System Tech Racing Compression and Rebound Adjusters
System Tech Racing High Speed “no-tool” Adjuster

Nitro Mousse Foam Inserts Front and Rear (we hate flats and the only way to avoid them completely is with mousses)
Shinko 505 Cheater Rear Tire
Shinko 216 90/100-21 Front “Fat Tyre”
Enduro Engineering Spark Arrestor Tip (gotta be legal)