2018 Ride Montrose


Ride Montrose is a dream of ours!

Ride Montrose is a celebration of off road motorcycling in the Montrose area!  We started this dream 4 years ago in 2014 with the first event.  We got distracted and derailed a bit with other things and haven't done it again... 

Until NOW!!!

Join us July 26th through the 30th for a fun time with DIRTBIKES!!!!!


Evening Events Schedule:

Thursday July 26th 6:30pm at Horsefly Brewery.  Kick off party!  This will be a meet and greet to connect with riders and sign up for group rides.  We will have maps and guide books for sale and schedules for events.


Friday July 27th 5:00pm - 7:30pm at Two Rascals Brewery.  Moto Swap!  Buy a spot for $10 and sell you used moto gear, parts or bikes!  Or come down and do some shopping and save money on something you badly need.

Friday July 27th 8:00pm at Two Rascals Brewery.  Moto Movie Night!  We will be showing On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter for FREE at the brewery immediately after the swap meet.  Adults and kids encouraged


Saturday July 28th 7:00pm at Intrinzik.  Live band, drink specials and tons of furn!

Saturday July 28th 12:00pm to 1:00pm at Highland Cycles: Chassis set up class by Javier Gonzalez!


Sunday July 29th 8:00am - 4:00pm Private Training Facility  Russell Bobbitt "Gnarly Routes" Riding Clinic!  Limit is 8 students for the exclusive, 1 day clinic!  Cost is $350 plus a $25 land fee.  $100 deposit required to secure your spot.  Click here to learn more.  Call Highland Cycles to reserve your spot 970-240-2197

Single Track Ride Schedule:

Friday July 27th:

  • Dawn Patrol at Peach Valley!  We will be meeting at Peach Valley at 6AM to beat the heat and get a great ride in!  Morgan will be leading a moderate to hard ride but there are many options for easier stuff too.

Saturday July 28th:

  • Dawn Patrol at Dry Creek!  We will be meeting at the shop at 6AM to caravan to the parking lot (only about 8 minutes away).  Morgan will be leading a fun and challenging ride in one of his favorite areas in the valley.  We will plan on ending around 11AM so that we can get up to the plateau for the afternoon.  Dry creek doesn't have a ton of easy single track but we can figure out an easier loop for folks who want to explore this really cool area.  
  • Afternoon Plateau Burn!  After our Dry Creek ride we will be heading up the hill to the Uncompahgre Plateau for an afternoon filled with cooler temps and mountain riding!  We will have loops planned for every skill level.  We will be meeting at Sates Draw at 1pm!

Sunday July 29th:

  • All day Uncompahgre Plateau Adventure!  If you aren't going to participate in Russell Bobbitt's clinic then we are headed up to the plateau for a full day of single track!  We will be meeting at States Draw at 10AM. Morgan will lead a hard/fast ride and we will have great easier loops planned too!

Monday July 30th:

  • Kids Ride Day!    Mondays are the days that Morgan takes his kids riding during the summer and if you are able to stick around he will be taking the boys up to the plateau for some kids fun!  We will be meeting at States Draw at 10AM!

We will have maps available at all of the events to mark up and show you where we are parking and what loops would be good for you and your ability!  If you have any questions, please call the shop and ask for Morgan 970-240-2197

Dual Sport Ride Schedule:

  • Disclaimer:  We will not have any OFFICIAL leaders for dual sport rides but will have sign ups at each evening event to get you guys together with like minded dual sporters and these plans are only suggestions

Friday July 27th:

  • Telluride Loop!  Ride from Montrose to Ouray via slab then up Imogene pass and over to Telluride for Lunch.  From Telluride take Last Dollar road back over to Dallas Divide and back to Montrose.  This is an easy loop that is doable on even a big adventure bike.

Saturday July 28th:

  • The San Juan Loop!  This will be a tougher loop but still doable on a bigger bike if you have the skills!  Ride from Montrose up past Ouray to the Cork Screw Pass Rd and take that up and over to Silverton.  From Silverton ride back up 550 to Black Bear Pass Rd.  Take the infamous Black Bear up and over to Telluride.  From Telluride ride up and over Imogene Pass to Ouray and then meander back to Montrose for the live band at Intrinzik