The Grand Junction/Utah Desert!

Yesterday a crew and I headed North and West to escape the cold that was settling in the Montrose area.  We ended up just out side of Colorado into Utah in an area know as Westwater.  We unloaded in Mid 20's temps and suited up for an 80 mile ride. 

As we headed out into the desert single track we started to warm up and find our pace (which was quick I must say).  Our trail boss guided us through a maze of moto and sheep trails onto what is called the Thompson Trail.  We followed that back towards Colorado at a high rate of speed, always on the look out for the dreaded "Death G Out."  We found a few of those but no one had any issues.

We approached our stashed gas near the CO/Utah boarder and grabbed some snacks.  Then I noticed we were missing one.  Crap, where is Chrysanthemum????  He is a damn good rider and never far behind.  I knew I need to go look for him since he rarely makes mistakes and couldn't have missed the trail.  As I slowly headed back I realized what must have happened and upon finding him I was right.  His miniature gas tank on his CRF450R had run completely out of fuel. 

We giggled and got a transfer bottle out to get some of my 2 stroke gas out of my tank and into his.  After the transfer we headed to where we had fuel and food.  We took a little break and headed to the rockier, more technical section of the day.  As we climbed towards the top of the mesa in front of us we spotted a new trail to us.  We decided to try it.  I am so glad we did.  It was awesome.  Rocky, hard, steep and totally new to me.  We all made it up to the top and headed in the direction of the trucks.  The trails in this area are awesome.  Some rocky, some flowy, some whooped out, and some just plain FAST!  As we approached the trucks the idea of a cold adult beverage filled our brains and the pace quickened. 

We got to the vehicles, loaded up and had a beer.  The sun was descending in the West and shook hands and promised to get as many rides in as we could before the winter really set in.  

Riding motorcycles is the greatest thing I can even think of doing.  Get out and Ride!!!!!!!