TM Designs Chain Guides!

There are lots of nasty things in the woods and desert that try to reach up and grab the bottom of my bike while I struggle through a ride.  Rocks, roots, bushes, dust, sand, all sorts of things.  So my goal on my bike is to toughen up all of the parts that hang below the plane of the skid plate and swing arm.  One of those things is the chain guide.

Chain guide aren't cool, they don't look neat, they really just don't inspire me but if you mess one up during a ride you will wish you had paid more attention.  For instance, I was riding an area South of Montrose near Kinikin Rd.  Every thing was going well and then all of a sudden, on a very steep side hill, my rear wheel stopped dead.  As I almost went over the bars and then almost down the side hill I stopped and looked to see what could have happened.  Then I noticed it.  My metal chain guide had hit a rock, and broken off of the swing arm and wrapped itself into my chain and rear sprocket.  I though well that sucks but I will just dislodge it and be on my way.  No such luck, when that happened it had bent the heck out of my rear sprocket to the point I couldn't ride out.  That was the first and only time I have had to be towed (knock on wood). 

Well I have the solution now.  The TM chain guide is a "plastic" guide that bends and flexes and goes back to its shape instead of breaking or staying bent over and causing your chain to derail or wear your sprocket out really fast.  I have been using TM guides for years now and have had no problems what so ever.  And they come with a 1 year warranty!!!!  1 year??? the manufacturers don't even give you more than 30 days.  You can confidently buy one of these guides and know that you are getting your money's worth. 

Oh, and they come in colors so they can look cool too!!!


Morgan Spradling (destroyer of motorcycle and hack rider)