Ironman Sprockets

I never in a million years thought I would do a glowing review of a sprocket, but here we go!!!

I switched to Ironman Sprockets quite a few years ago.  I had grown tired of replacing chains and sprockets multiple times a year and a friend suggested the Ironman.  Well since I switched I have been so impressed.  The pic in this post is of my last Ironman Sprocket that had at least 250 hrs on it and 2 chains. 

I know that the sprockets are expensive but when you look at how long they last and the lack of maintenance needed it makes sense to buy the Ironman Sprocket. 

They are tough as nails when it comes to impact too.  I have hammered mine and never had a problem. 

I guarantee you will be pleased with the Ironman Sprocket if you get one.