Tech Tip Tuesday 12/2/14

Wheel bearings are part of your dirt bike that most people just kind of forget about until they fail and then we are usually out in the middle of nowhere and limping back home. This is a way for you to get the most out of your bearings and have less troubles. 

First of all, check your bearings frequently.  They usually start to show signs of failure pretty early on and you can catch it and replace them long before a costly failure.  I just grab my wheels and try to move them side to side and see if there is any play at all.  If there is, STOP right there and replace the bearings.  When they first start to fail it is easy to replace them and you won't be stuck out somewhere with a blown up hub or worse. 

Here is the real tip, when you get your new bearings, pop the little seal out of the bearing (the blue one in the pic below) with a smooth tipped screw driver or something not sharp.  Pack a bunch of extra high quality grease (we use Motorex)  into the bearing and then replace the seal.  While you have your inner spacer out, check the ends of it for wear.  If it is starting to mushroom out or looks worn you need to replace it.  If it isn't the right length you will unnecessarily "load" the bearings when you tighten the axle and cause them to wear out prematurely.  When you install the bearings, make sure you are pushing or driving on the outside race, NOT THE INNER ONE.  Once you get your bearings, seals and spacers installed check the movement of the bearings.  If all is good, grease your axle, put your wheel back on and go ride!!!!