Tech Tip Tuesday 1/6/15

Today's tech tip is a simple one, but one that lots of people either don't know about or forget to do. 

When you grab your bike and head to your local riding area and unload it, make sure you bleed the air out of or into your forks. 

Out OR In you say????  Yes!  As temperatures, elevation, or use changes, your forks can build or lose pressure and for them to work the way the manufacturer intended they need to be equal to the air pressure outside.  This is obviously changing with the advent of the air fork but there are still plenty of spring forks out there. 

To make this easier, we recommend installing fork bleeders so all you have to do is un-weight the front end and push the button. 

This little tip will keep your forks working well and help prevent seal failure when you build up too much pressure.