Dirt bike riding in Montrose Colorado

I think it is time for someone to come out and just say it.  The offroad motorcycle riding in the Montrose Colorado area is hands down the best on the planet!!!  I have raced and ridden in a lot of really great places but I haven't been anywhere with as much or as varied terrain as here in my adopted home town.

I grew up in Oklahoma City and didn't ride dirt bikes as a kid.  I bought my first one while I was living in Gunnison Colorado and that valley will always hold a special place in my heart.  In the summer, the riding there is phenomenal for sure. 

In 2007 I started Highland Cycles in Montrose and can honestly say that we have the best of all worlds.  To start, our weather is amazing.  It rarely gets too cold or snowy to ride and summers only briefly go over 100 degrees.  Next is the amount of open public land.  I have never, ever been somewhere with this much public land that is open to motorized travel.  Finally the varied terrain here is off the charts.  We have riding that is good for the brand new beginner all the way up to national level professionals. 

We should all count our blessings that we live here.  If you don't live here, I highly recommend coming out and experiencing all we have to offer.  Give us a call and I might even be able to take you on a ride.

Morgan Spradling

Highland Cycles 970-240-2197