300 Super Build

This winter my 2012 KTM 300XC turned over 400 hrs on its little motor so I decided it was time for a complete overhaul.  Instead of selling it and getting a fresh one (which is usually what I do) I figured I would try to make my old girl into a brand spankin new ride!

So here is what we did:  First thing was to remove the motor from the frame and completely disassemble it all the way to the crank shaft

After we had it torn completely down we sent the cylinder to US Chrome in Wisconsin to re-plate and match it up to the brand new Vertex Piston we bought for it.  They also applied their new APC coating to the piston to help match it up even more perfectly and add durability. 

We sent the crank out to Crankworks in Arizona and had them install a new Hot Rods rod and bearing and balance and true it to better than new specs. 

After we got all that back, we replaced all of the bearings and seals in the entire motor and assembled it. 

After assembling the motor we serviced or replaced every bearing in the chassis and serviced all of the suspension. 

After we got the important parts done, we hung all new plastic on the frame and prettied her up!

Then we took her out and broke her in.  Now comes the really cool part of the story.  This bike is BETTER than it ever was before.  I have been able to put over 20 hrs on it since the rebuild and it just keeps getting better.  With the perfectly matched piston and cylinder and balanced crank it is smoother than when it was new.  Not only is it less buzzy but the power is electric.  It never surprises and never leaves you wanting more.  It is hard to describe how good this bike is now.  I invite anyone and everyone to come and ride it.  I guarantee that you will like it.

Let us know if we can build you the ultimate offroad bike.  I feel like Highland Cycles and build you the best bike around that is durable and performs better than new!!!  www.highland-cycles.com  970-240-2197