Mobius Knee Braces In Review

So, I have worn lots of knee braces over the years and I have never been super amped on any pair.  They have always been a necessity that I tolerated.  I don't have bad knees and have never blown anything out so they have always been preventative and therefore somewhat of a burden.  I have never sprung for custom CTi's so they have always been off the shelf and bulky.  My last pair was a set of EVS Web Pro's.  You know the ones, carbon and all that.  $700 so they should be great right?? Nope.  They were bulky feeling, always falling down on long rides and just not comfy.  

So recently I decided to switch it up and try the completely different Mobius braces.  I was lucky enough to meet and talk to Taylor Robert at our Moto Mayhem race in July. He is wearing them now and I asked him his honest opinion about them.  He said that he really liked them so I figured that is all I needed. 

Here is why you should at least consider our reviews on here.  I had to purchase a set.  Yes I pay less than retail but no one gives us stuff to say nice things.  I have to buy them with my own money so if I say I like it, it is because I really like it. 

So I received my braces just a few days before the Death March and I was worried that I would take them on this giant ride and end up having blisters, or at the least have to adjust them all the time.  Well I was wrong, they were great right away

I put the braces on for a couple shake down rides in the adobes. They took me a couple tries to figure out how to fit them correctly but after that I was in love with them.  They fit great based on measurements that I took using their online guide.  The strap and cable system of attaching them to your legs is super easy to do and is really secure.  During the death march I only adjusted them once after the first 50 miles and they stayed in place for the following 120 miles of seriously gnarly terrain.  They feel really slim on the bike.  Unlike most braces the hinges aren't big bulky things, they are very trim and you barely notice any extra width.  I used the MSR sock/legging combo things as sleeves and everything stayed put, allowing me to focus on finishing one of the hardest rides I have ever come up with. 

My braces after the death march

My braces after the death march

These braces aren't super cheap but I have found that nothing good is so get over it and be prepared to spend some money.  That said, at $600 they are less than a lot of braces and well worth every penny if you value your knees.  If you have any questions about these please feel free to comment below or call our shop and ask for Morgan.  970-240-2197.  If you want to try a pair on, we will order them and if they don't fit, we will send them back and get the right size or find the braces you need.