ProTaper Micro Bars are HERE!!!

When we found out about the ProTaper Micro bars we were super excited.  As you all know, we support kids riding more than anything and we are always looking for a way to make their experience better.  Well ProTaper has come up with a great way to do just that, The Micro Bar. 

I am going to let you read their words about the bars because they explain it better than I can.

 "The ProTaper Micro Handlebar kit was designed to revolutionize the way youth riders control their off-road motorcycles. By employing recent advances in manufacturing techniques, ProTaper has innovated a handlebar conversion kit that offers a reduced diameter handlebar for youth riders to better grasp while riding and racing. By reducing the hand-hold area, youth riders can now grasp the reduced size grip the same way an adult rider grasps traditionally sized grips. This gains more control, drastically reduces fatigue, and ultimately gives younger riders the opportunity to ride and race to their full ability. The unique design of the Micro handlebar utilizes an advanced, abrupt-taper, to give it a smaller diameter in the hand-hold areas while still maintaining a 7/8โ€ diameter throughout the clamping and control areas; making it simple to directly install onto any make or model 2-stroke mini cycle of 85cc and smaller."

We have been waiting for quite a while to get our sets of the bars but they are finally here and I am so excited to get a pair on my kids bikes.  The design is great and the fit and finish of the kit is very high quality.  If you have a kid on a bike 85cc's or smaller I highly recommend a set of these bars to help them to have a better time while riding.

We don't have them available on the website yet but you can call the shop and we will ship them anywhere in the US or you can swing on down and check them out in person.