Bringing the soul back!

What is the Soul of our industry???  At Highland Cycles we believe the Soul of the motorcycle industry lies in 3 main areas.  Riding, Wrenching, and Comaraderie!!

Highland Cycles is doing our best to bring these three elements back into the everyday experience for our customers.

Riding: It is obvious what riding means to most of us but at Highland Cycles there is another part that we like to think about.  When we think of riding part of that experience is being uncomfortable.  If you think about it, the most rewarding experiences in life usually start off uncomfortable.  Maybe your are scared of an obstacle, maybe the speed is more than you like, maybe its too hot or too cold, but when you finish you are always more satisfied when you have pushed yourself.  We host Thursday night rides every week during the summer and encourage riders of ALL skill levels to join us.  We want to see as many people out enjoying our amazing area as possible.  We wont force anyone to do anything but we will encourage you to push your limits a little and offer all of the help and support that we can.

Wrenching:  At Highland Cycles we don't believe in hiding all of our knowledge behind the shop door and keeping it all a secret.  Of course we make our living fixing and maintaining machines but we also believe that every rider needs a solid understanding of their machine so that they can bond more deeply with their bike.  Bikes are living breathing members of our family and we want you to know them well.  We offer mechanic clinics through out the year to help people get in touch with their machines on a deeper level.  Also, if you are on Facebook and you would like to ask a technical question, please feel free to message the shop anytime and our owner will get back to you as soon as he can. 

Comaraderie:  Riding together is generally so much more fulfilling than a day by yourself (not to mention safer).  But that goes further than just riding.  Motorcyclists are bound together before they even know each other because of the common love we have for this amazing sport.  We have found that riding buddies end up making the best of friends in the rest of life too and at Highland Cycles we like to support that connection.  We host movie watching parties and Supercross nights during the race season to get riders together outside of riding so they can develop life long bonds. 

The best way to stay connected to Highland Cycles and take advantage of all of this is to "like" us on Facebook and join our email list.  We promise to only bring you content that matters and is helpful.  Have a great day and get out and RIDE!!!