Quality Time!


We all know the scenario.  The week is filled craziness.  Work all day, house and family maintenance all night and your sweet ride takes a back seat because those other things are super important.  Friday afternoon comes, you get home, you have dinner with the family or friends and hang out for a while afterwards.  10 o'clock rolls around and its time to get to the garage to take a look at your baby and you realize that you have at least 2 hrs worth of work to do to make her really ready for the big ride Saturday morning.  You've been planning the trip to the desert all week and now you realize that your steed needs more than an oil change. 


The air filter is disgusting, chain is grimy and a little loose.  Tires are OK, but need some air and the knobs really aren't as good as you thought.  The tubes were new on the last tire change.... Right????  You grab the wheel to check the bearings and... DAMNIT!!  They are loose and so are a couple spokes.  When was the last time you changed that spark plug??  A quick glance at the hour meter and you realize that its been over 50 hrs since the last time you checked the valves (or for your two stroke, looked at the top end through the exhaust port) and it has been starting a little harder recently.   Brakes are a little spongy and.. wait, did someone pour your morning coffee into your master cylinder??  Go, hit the button or kick the starter and lets just do the minimum so we don't blow it up.  CRAP, it really is starting harder. 


Monday during lunch you drop your pride and joy off at Highland Cycles and tell the boys that you want her ready by Friday afternoon.  The experts who LOVE to work on bikes give you a high five and let you know that you will be ready for a trouble free weekend of two wheeled fun!  Friday afternoon comes, you swing down, grab your baby, and go spend quality time with your family and friends and head out Saturday morning knowing that your bike is ready to rip! 


Now doesn't that sound like a lot more fun?? 

We all work very hard!  Dirt bikers in general are not the lazy, entitled crowd!  This lifestyle takes a ton of effort both on and off the bike.  At Highland Cycles we understand this because everyone of us from the owner through the mechanics works our butts off to have bikes and time to ride and we know you do too!  Your quality time with the bike and the important people in your life is important!

We LOVE doing all aspects of repair and maintenance but honestly we would rather sell you services, oil, filters, or protective equipment for your bikes than rebuild your motor or replace expensive chassis components that have worn out because of lack of maintenance.  We want to KEEP YOU RIDING!!! 

We also understand that for some of us, doing the work on the bike is just as important as riding the bike.  If you don't have a good system for servicing your bike, click the link below to get our service checklist that our mechanics use to keep your bike in tip top shape!

And here is a menu of some of the services we offer with a quick turnaround to KEEP YOU RIDING!!

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