Sport Align Systems Review!


Moto boots are a conundrum!  The best ones cost upwards of $600 but they don't even come in half sizes.  For a lot of people that isn't a problem.  But for those of us that have an in between foot size and jacked up feet to boot it is a bummer.  I have always said that if you are going to spend money on protective equipment you need to start with helmet and boots. 

I have been wearing Gaerne SG12's for years now and I absolutely love them but to fit both feet I have to wear a size 11 and that leaves my feet a little loose.  I have always just worn thick socks and its been fine but recently I was approached by Charlie Johnson of Sport Align Systems.  He specializes in setting up bikes to fit people and custom orthotics.  Charlie has followed me for a while and knew about how jacked up my left foot is and he explained that he thought he could help me. 


I agreed to have him come make some orthotics for me.  I asked where we should meet and he told me he would come to the shop and it shouldn't take more than a few minutes out of my day to get it done.  WHAT????  I have had orthotics made before and it always meant going to an office and eating up a whole bunch of time that I could have been making money or riding. Then you wait weeks to get the orthotics.  Charlie said I would be wearing them that day?!? Charlie showed up right on time and began the exam.  After looking at how I stand, asking me some questions and taking some measurements he did some calculations and then had me sit down in his cool portable recliner. 

He then proceeded to vacuum form the orthotics to my feet, shave them down to fit my boots and I was trying them out right there.  So cool.  I rode in them for a bit later that day but the big test came in Oklahoma with 3 straight days of racing.  Its hard to explain how good they feel.  What were really nice boots that felt pretty good turned into exceptional boots that fit like Geppetto himself had fitted specifically to my feet! Yes, that is a Pinocchio reference.  If you don't get it, google it!  I was so comfortable all weekend and I think my results speak for themselves.  Those orthotics helped me do better than I ever have at that race! 


If you are like me and your boots are good but don't fit quite right or you have messed up feet you NEED to give Charlie a call and schedule an appointment!

Sport Align Sytems 970-379-9694

Sport Align Sytems 970-379-9694

Call Charlie at 970-379-9694 or check out his website HERE