Spring is coming!!!

HOLY MOLY the weather has been getting nice here in Western Colorado!  And you know what that means????  DIRTBIKES!!!!!!! 

We got out last weekend at Peach Valley and it was AMAZING!!!!  The conditions right now are great and only getting better.  The temperature is perfect and the dirt is dry!  There is still some snow up high towards the canyon but all of the trails are doable and fun!  If you haven't been to Peach Valley in a while you need to get out there and see the super cool new Endurocross and Supercross training areas that the BLM built for our community. 

The Endurocross course is great!!!  There are 3 options for every obstacle.  An easy one, intermediate and hard so you can get out there with any skill level friend or family member and ride together and have a BLAST!! 

The Supercross area is good too.  Because of our adobe dirt here its not perfect but it is a great place for people who want to practice technical jumping and turning.  I am afraid of jumping so I spend my time on the Endurocross track mostly but my boys love the other track. 

The weather for the weekend is supposed to be rainy but that is just liquid traction falling from heaven and you can't trust the weather service really so get your ride ready anyway.   If you are from out of town and you need a weather or conditions update you can always call Highland Cycles and we can help.  The Grand Junction number is 970-778-4059 and Montrose is 970-240-2197.  You can also message us on our Facebook Page anytime and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Of course we still have some winter coming but that means its time to get your bikes ready to roll for the season.  Most people's bikes were probably running when the snow flew so they don't need a ton of work but you do need to do some work and some inspecting to make sure you have a trouble free spring!

First thing you need to do is print off our Moto Inspection sheet and go spend some quality time with your bike and make a list of the things you need to take care of.  Just click the button below to get our FREE inspection sheet.

After you get a good idea of what you need to do to get your bike in tip top shape please click below and request a parts or labor quote!