Thursday night rides!

5:00 pm finally!!! hurrying to load the bike in the van, being nice and appreciative to the customers that are here but COME ON!!! its Thursday night, the time has just changed and it is time to ride!  Don't they understand?  I wouldn't be here without them but winter is long and I haven't ridden in WAY too long.

Finally get the lights off, the door locked and I'm in the van headed North to my happy place.  Quick mental checklist as I stand on the accelerator (Helmet, boots, gloves, pants, jersey, bike, water, gas....) WAIT, I forgot gas!!  I take a quick look back and see that my big pig has enough gas to get me til sundown so I am OK this time.  Whew! 

Hit the gravel on the east end of Falcon Rd a little fast and come into the first turn a little hot but I know the turn and I steer into it.  The van slides sideways but uncontrollably and there is no one coming towards me so its ok.  I stay on the gas til the parking lot because, like usual I am late and I know everyone will be there all geared up glaring at me, waiting impatiently for me.  Holy crap, there is a massive chuck hole in the turn into the lot and I bounce so hard that my bike changes positions in the van.  Glad I have good tie downs which equals still having windows.  

I pull up and like I figured I am the last one there and everyone is waiting on me.  I exit my tin can of awesomeness to jeers and epithets.  "Come on slow poke!" "Don't you own the place?" "I thought this was YOUR ride?"  I yank Maria from the van and pull my gear bag from inside.  As I open it up I realize that I don't have riding socks?!  No bother, I can ride without those.  I am pulling and yanking my gear on as fast as I can.  It all seems so foreign.  I haven't ridden in way to long.  Bumbling through I manage to get everything on and adjusted and mount my beast while everyone else is riding around warming up. 

I touch the radiators, yep, getting warm.  Time to nudge the shifter earthwards into 1st gear and head out.  I pass my van and notice something feels different.  Huh, whats that?  I pull up behind my buddy and quickly realize I don't have goggles on.  UGH!!  Back to the van dodging nasty looks and unmentionable gestures to grab some eye protection.

Ok!  Got it all now.  We all look at each other and give the knowing nod that we are in fact all ready to go finally.  I twist the throttle as hard as I can, lean forward and the world as I know it disappears into the past.  All care about is what is in front of my wheel now!  Nothing else matters!  Motorcycle is turned into a machine that bends time and reality!  My therapy session has begun!

Want to join us for Thursday night rides this Summer??  Click the link below and fill out our sign up form to be added to the Thursday night email list.  You'll get a quick email every week telling you the time and location of our ride.  Thursday night rides are for EVERYONE!!!  All skill levels are encouraged to come.  You might be pushed a little but we will never leave you and we will always be there to lend a helping hand!