Cycra CRM Probend

Cycra Handguards

As you all may be figuring out, I am really hard on equipment.  If a part isn't built really well then I will destroy it.  I think it has mostly to do with all of the crashing.  I know for a fact it isn't because of speed. 

I started my motorcycle career with plastic Acerbis hand guards.  Those didn't make it a week before I had broken both levers and ruined the guards.  Next I went to the Acerbis guards that had aluminum in them and they were better but I still managed to mangle them pretty quickly.  Then I thought I was really smart and went with some flag style guards.  That experiment ended with a broken and permanently misshapen finger.  Finally I tried the expensive but really well built Cycra ProBend CRM guards.  I have had the same pair now for 2 bikes and haven't been able to destroy them.

The ProBends are great.  They made from billet aluminum and designed to be easy to mount and easy to get your hands out of the way in case of a crash.  The CRM (Center Reach Mount) design is awesome too.  With the mounts reaching all the way to the cylindrical part of the bar (not the tapered part) you get more strength and consistent tightening.  

I have crashed and crashed and banged mine against all sorts of obstacles and they are still great.  I recommend pairing them with the threaded inserts we sell to because they give you a super positive mount.   

As always, FOREVER TWO WHEELS!!!!!!