T. Morgan Spradling

Topar Racing Billet Guards

Brakes are an important part of your motorcycle!!  I know that sounds funny but I am reviewing a really great way to protect your precious brakes while slamming through the rocks and gnar of everyday off-road motorcycling. 

Topar Racing out of Trinidad Colorado is building what I believe to be the best of the best when it comes to disk, caliper, and fork guards. 

Their guards are amazing.  They are built from solid billet (I know that is redundant) aluminum and machined to fit perfectly.  The fins both front and rear are replaceable as well as the rear caliper guard that comes with the rear disk guard.  As you can see from the photos below, mine have seen some serious action and my brake rotors are still straight. 

A bent rotor isn't the end of the world of course and you can buy them for less than you pay for one of these guards but when you are charging hard through a trail and you need to slow down for a turn and all of a sudden you brakes aren't working, the amount of money you saved doesn't really seam all that important.  I remember very clearly an instance before I used these guards when I ended up wrong side up and off the trail because I had bent my front brake rotor but didn't know.  As I careened out of control towards the corner (this is before I knew I didn't have brakes) I went to put the binders on and...    NOTHING!!!  I stabbed the rear but it was way too late.  I launched so far off the trail.  I was lucky to not be injured. 

I have tried numerous other brake rotor guards and these are by far my favorite and have held up the best.  And there is the added benefit that they are built in the great state of Colorado!!!