Highland Cycles Providing Adaptive Equipment

I am very happy to report that we just recently did our first adaptive modifications to a dirt bike to get a rider back out there who had an injury that was keeping him from riding.

We were approached by this gentleman a month ago.  He had lost a lot of use of his right hand and wrist and was wondering if we could do something to help him be able to get back on a dirt bike.  Our mechanics and parts guys got together and came up with a plan.  We didn't know if it would all work but we were willing to give it a try if he was.

His biggest concern was the front brake.  He really couldn't grip hard enough or fast enough to feel comfortable with the brake on the right side. 

First up we needed to find a way to get the front brake control over to the left side.  Fortunately that was pretty straight forward.  We got a KTM hydraulic clutch master cylinder and built a custom line that went to the front brake caliper.  It worked perfectly. 

Because his left hand would be busy with the brake we tipped his clutch lever down and installed a Rekluse CORE EXP 3.0 to take care of that.

After that we installed a "cramp buster" on the throttle to allow him a little easier operation of the throttle with less grip needed.

Not his bike

Not his bike

We are psyched to say that it all turned out really well and the customer is back on 2 wheels again and loving it. 

Highland Cycles is committed to helping people get out and ride.  Whether you need new tires, a motor rebuilt or custom controls built we will do WHATEVER it takes to get you out!!!!!