flexx handlebars

FLEXX Handle Bars

I don't know about you but after years of riding and unfortunately crashing, my body isn't as limber and pain free as it used to be. I have one wrist that aches and recently it started keeping me from doing long hard rides. I considered having a doctor look at it but the idea of paying someone way too much money to tell me that I'm banged up didn't appeal to me.
For years I had been seeing some of the older fast guys running Flexx bars but the price of those scared me away too. Finally, with my annual Bataan Death March (gnar fest we do every year near Crested Butte) approaching I decided to give the a try. I called the boys in Utah and became a dealer.
I mounted the bars up and after some initial struggling got my bark busters mounted too. They didn't seem to do anything when I first mounted my steed. But as the 150 mile day progressed I began to forget about my wrist and started focusing on just getting through the rough terrain. At the end of the day I was drinking a celebratory beer and remembered that my wrist should be hurting but it wasn't!!
I have run the bars since then and can say without reservation that they are worth every penny! That is why we are offering them here on www.offroadmotoparts.com. I absolutely believe that you will love them if you try them.