Fastway Linkage Guard

I am really hard on my motorcycle.  Its not that I am fast or talented, in fact its probably the opposite problem.  I hit every rock, root and obstacle in the trail without fail.  Because of that I really test the protective parts I put on my bike.  If they don't hold up, I don't put them on this site. 

  One product that I believe in completely is the Fastway Linkage guard.  Links on motorcycles are inherently vulnerable and really expensive to replace.  The biggest problem to me is that if you break one or part of one, you day is over and you may have a really hard time getting back to the truck.  Enter the Fastway Linkage guard. 

  This thing is TOUGH!  It is built from billet aluminum and it is heavy duty.  The design is sleek yet protective and they just look good if you ask me.  Unlike other guards the fastway guard doesn't add a part to your bike, it replaces one so you don't end up with more stuff hanging unnecessarily from your motorcycle.  

  The other really cool benefit of the fastway linkage guard is that it is adjustable.  It allows you to adjust the length of the link thereby allowing for seat height adjustment and over all geometry changes that can increase tractability or improve turning. 

  I am a big fan of the guard and I think it is absolutely worth the money.