Evans Powersports Coolant

Here in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado trails are tight and slow compared to lots of other places. And where I like to ride we have problems with bikes overheating in the really rough terrain. In the past the solution has been a fan kit or picking up the pace to a level that is dangerous. A few years ago I learned about Evans waterless coolant and the game changed. Evans doesn't use any water at all and because of that doesn't boil over until a much higher temp. The benefit isn't just keeping coolant in your bike, it also ensures that the coolant continues to touch the hot parts of your motor and draw that detrimental heat away. What that means is that your motor is in better shape for longer. The other upside to not having water in the engine is that you don't have corrosion or electrolysis which degrade parts of the cooling system. I stand behind Evans Powersports Coolant 100% and believe that everyone should use it even if you don't have overheating problems.

Morgan Spradling
Owner and Founder of Highland Cycles