Why Highland Cycles???

Why Highland Cycles and not any other shop???  That is a very good question and one that I love to answer!

Highland Cycles was started because of an entrepreneurial seizure that our owner Morgan Spradling had back in 2006.  He was working for a dealership and woke up one day thinking that he could do it better.  He HAD to do it better.  It was all he could think about for months and months.  Finally he pulled the trigger, borrowed way too much money and started Highland Cycles in March of 2007.  He didn't have a clue what was going to happen but he HAD to do it. 

After years of struggling, selling all of his bikes, buying more bikes, selling them again, hiring, firing, borrowing and begging he finally started to move in the right direction.  He realized his primary aim.  "To Keep People Riding!"  He didn't want to sell new bikes, didn't want to make as much money possible, he wanted people to ride their bikes.  After all, that is what this is all about right??? 

He hired Mick in March of 2012 and things started to change, they started to get more done and reach more people.  Then came Chad in 2014 and Jon this year.  Now they are opening a shop in Grand Junction!!!  The Highland Cycles Gospel is spreading. 

So back to the "Why Highland Cycles" question.  Its simple really.....

Because they want to keep you riding.  They thrive on the smiles of customers as they fire their bikes up.  They are elated when someone rides with them and exclaims "Holy S&*T that was AWESOME."  Highland Cycles is the real deal and while they aren't perfect, they LOVE motorcycles and everything about them. 

Don't go back to the big box filled with shiny parts and people who hate their jobs, go see Morgan, Mick, Chad and Jon and get psyched on riding!!!!