Highland Cycles and the next step

Highland Cycles is getting ready to enter another stage of its growth.  I have hired another great mechanic to take my place in the back of the shop.  Jon Turner will be coming aboard very soon and I am so excited.  Jon is a great mechanic and is excited to be a part of the HC crew! 

We are making this step for 2 reasons.  The first is that we have too much work to do and we can't keep up.  As owner and resident chatty kathy, I cannot get enough work done to help Chad out.  The second and biggest reason is that I need to free myself up to start working on getting our Grand Junction location established

YES, we are coming to Grand Junction soon.  I have a manager lined up who will do a bang up job.  I need a mechanic, a parts guy and a location now. 

My overall goal for Highland Cycles is to cultivate small shops that offer a local feel and great service and have the buying power to offer internet pricing in the store.  I want every Highland Cycles to be a place where riders hang out and get parts and service.  I will not EVER hire someone who doesn't ride and LOVE riding.  We ARE Motorcycling.  We eat it, sleep it and breathe it. 

I am so excited about the future and what it holds for us.  Look out world, Highland Cycles is coming!!!!!