Elsa the 2015 Husqvarna TC250 update!!

So most of you know how very much I love this bike.  I have poured my heart into her to make it the best bike I can build and then let quite a few of you ride her in all sorts of conditions!

Well I recently made a decision to make her my bike alone and so I have begun personalizing her. 

Our Highland Cycles suspension specialist Factory Suspension Works suggested that I pony up and have a Huck Valve installed in the shock.  I have resisted that for quite a while because I just didn't believe that some part could make a bike that much better.  Well after a long discussion I decided to let Greg do it.  Let me tell you, that stinking valve is AMAZING!!!!!! 

It is hard to truly describe how good the MX-Tech Huck Valve is.  I LOVED my bike before but it has taken it to a completely new level.  The best way I can explain it is that the rear of the bike is so completely settled in any terrain that it inspires a level of confidence that produces speed everywhere. 

I got Elsa back from Greg at Factory Suspension Works and took it to the Uncompahgre plateau for a Thursday night ride.  We headed out on Buck Trail first.  I was timid at first, not knowing what to expect but as I rode the trail I slowly picked up the pace.  After about 2 miles of riding I really picked it up and started trying to find things to hit and test the valve.  Elsa was a new animal.  She has always been spirited and fun but now she was planted and driven!  I found that I could hit anything (and I mean anything) in the trail and the bike would track straight and soak it all up.  It is so smooth through rough terrain that it makes you look back to see if you are on pavement.  As the night wore on I began to ride faster and faster, eventually exceeding the speed I have ever traveled on those trails.  No matter what I threw at Elsa, she ate it up and begged for more. 

I am a 100% believer in the Huck Valve now.  Do you have to have one??? No!  They are very expensive and the rider is the most important part of the equation no matter what.  Do you need one to win races?? NO!  I have watched super talented people win on very "limited" equipment.  BUT, if you are planning on keeping your bike for a long time and you can afford some really nice equipment and you want the very best there is to offer in suspension, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!!

We at Highland Cycles can help you out if you want to take this step towards the best bike you can build.  We use Factory Suspension Works for all of our custom suspension work.  You can drop the bike off at our shop and pick it up as a completely different animal.  Feel free to contact the shop at 970-240-2197 or highlandcycles@hotmail.com to talk about this or any performance upgrades you are considering.