Helmet light review

As a lot of people know, I LOVE riding at night.  I found my love of night riding during training for the 2006 Baja 1000.  I soloed that race from Ensenada to La Paz and got to spend a lot of time on the bike in the dark. 

I have used lots of different helmet lights in lots of different situations and all of them have left something to be desired.  So I kept looking and trying different ones.  My biggest complaint was always about the mounting system for helmets and the lack of adjustability.  Recently I decided to buy a Baja Designs helmet light because I knew that they had a good mount set up.  But when I called them I found out that they had quit making helmet lights.  I asked the rep where I should look and they pointed me towards nite rider. 

I checked out what they had and called them to find out what I needed to mount it to my Arai.  They were super helpful and I ended up with the Enduro 2800 Pro light

After I got it all set up and charged the battery I took it out on a ride up Lower Spring Creek trail here in our valley.  I can say without a doubt that it is the BEST helmet light I have ever used. 

The light output is more than enough to see without any other light on the bike.  I was riding Elsa (TC250) and felt comfortable going pretty fast.

The mounting system is far and away better than anything I have used or seen.  The Jawbone system is fool proof and infinitely adjustable so you can get the light in the exact location you need. 

The battery life is really good on these lights.  At full blast they only last about an hour and a half but you don't need full light to have a ton of fun.  I ran my light at about 800 lumens and felt great.  At that brightness they will last over 3 hours which is usually more than enough ride time to have fun.  You can always purchase another battery and ride until the sun comes back up. 

After having so much fun I asked the Nite Rider folks if I could be a dealer and they said yes.  I will be stocking the Pro 1400 and Jawbone mount at Highland Cycles from now on.  I think that is will be the ultimate set up for economy and brightness.  Click the pic below for the video of my ride.  If you haven't ever tried it, I highly recommend riding at night.  With the proper light set up it is so much fun and it makes all the trails you have ridden a million time feel brand new again!!!