The Sedona MX907 in review!

Well here it is.  Arguably one of the weirdest looking tires made but one of the most popular! 

I finally had the chance to try out the Sedona on my own bike.  I would have done it much earlier but they were back ordered for what seemed like forever! 

I put the Sedona on to my 18" wheel with a well worn Mousse Bib because it has a very stiff side wall and I had heard that it is bouncy if you have too much pressure or a new bib. 

The first ride for the Sedona was up in the Taylor Park/Crested Butte area and I have to say I am very impressed.  We rode 60 miles of tough and worn out single track with lots of roots and rocks and the Sedona performed very well.  We rode in dry/slick areas and wet roots and the back of Elsa never did anything unpredictable.  I am also really happy with how it looked after that ride.  I am a wheel spinner for sure and I feel like the Sedona is going to last a long time.  The tire doesn't hook up like a softer/higher priced tire but the long life will make up for that easily and I am not very picky about rear tires since they always seem to be spinning.

I recommend the Sedona for sure.  At $70 you can't beat the price and we are trying to keep them in stock!