If you ride a 2 stroke you NEED a Lectron Carburetor

Lectron, installed on our 2017 KTM 300 XC

Lectron, installed on our 2017 KTM 300 XC

I have been vehemently against putting anything other than a stock carburetor on any motorcycle forever.  But when I found out that our new KTM was coming with a Mikuni TMX38 I was worried and started thinking about alternatives.  I had heard people talk about lectrons but I always poo pooed them and said that you should learn to jet your bike. 

Well when I got the new bike I started jetting to see if I could make it work.  And I kept jetting, and jetting and freaking jetting.  I kept making it leaner and leaner and it was coming around but seemed ridiculous to go so far off the KTM chart.  I got it running pretty darn well and took it for a ride.  It ran good but had some stumble in the mid range if I didn't get quickly through it and then my mileage was terrible (approximately 45 mile out of 2 gallons of gas).  After that I said "screw it" and called Lectron.  I asked them what it took to be a dealer and the owner asked me if I was just trying one out. After telling him yes he said he would send me one at dealer pricing and after I tried it I could order the 3 minimum that you normally have to do. He was so confident that I would love it.

It showed up in a box from Boerne TX a few days later.  I took it out of the box, installed it on the bike and hit the start button.  Grace (the KTM) lit right up and idled. After letting her warm up a bit I adjusted the idle to where I liked it and took her out on the road to see how she would run.  It was spot on!!!  I let a couple people who were at the shop ride it and they all agreed that it was good but the proof would come up in the mountains in real terrain. 

So a couple days later I took Grace up to the plateau and fired her up.  It was amazing, the bike ran flawlessly.  It is almost like a rheostat on an electric motor.  No burble, no hesitation, just perfect metering of fuel.  And on top of that I only burned 2 gallons of gas in 80 miles and had no spooge at all on my pipe.  

After that test I took Grace up towards Imogene pass above 12000 feet to try out the "adjustability" of the carb.  She ran perfectly again.  I am officially 100% behind the use of these carburetors.  I am not saying that you can't jet a carb to work well where you are but WHY???  For less than $500 you can have something similar to Fuel Injection but without all the junk that comes with it.  No fuel pump to worry about, no micro injector holes to clog, no electronics to have a gremlin.  Just a smooth running bike with perfect fuel delivery, no hassle and great fuel mileage. 

If you have any questions post them here or call one of our shops.  Montrose 970-240-2197 or Grand Junction 970-778-4059.  We would love to talk to you about our experiences and get you set up!!!