As motorcyclists most of us HATE the snow and cold because it cuts down on our time to shred perfect dirt.  BUT... I would like to have you consider a different attitude.  While YES you can't ride your dirt/street bike in a ton of snow (at least not without a snowbike kit) it is a time to REST,  and REBUILD your trusty steed! 

REST:  We all go wide open all riding season long and that produces a ton of fun but also a ton of injuries (small and large) and fatigue.  We work hard all week and ride hard all weekend and our bodies pay a price (one we are more than willing to pay of course) and when the snow finally falls it is an appropriate time to take a step back and let our bodies recover and get stronger for the coming season.  Now of course at Highland Cycles we are proponents of continuing the season with a snowbike or ice screws but the reality is that with short days and low temps there is no way to ride as much as you do during the normal season.  I personally take time to ride my fat bike and spend time with my wonderful family. 

REBUILD:  As our bodies take a beating, so do our bikes.  Imagine how many times your piston has been up and down in its cozy little cylinder over the summer.  An average of 5,000 RPM's while you ride over about 100 hrs of operation during the season come out to be 30,000,000 time up and down.  Thats THIRTY MILLION times!!!!  We could go on to all of the parts of the bikes that take a beating but we all know that things are tired at the end of the season.  And with the snow on the ground and short days that opens up way more time to work on our sweet babies.  Now is the time to buy parts, drop her off, or just do some maintenance so that when this snow melts (and it will VERY soon) your dirt shredder is ready to rock flawlessly for another season. 

At Highland Cycles we are committed to KEEPING YOU RIDING!  Whateverthat looks like.  If you need us to do the work, we can offer the best possible service around.  If you are an experienced wrench and just need parts, give us a call and let us try to get you the best price on the parts you need.  If you want to learn how to work on your bike yourself, come on down and ask us questions.  We will help you out. 

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