Our Conversation with Colton Haaker

Photo Credit Enduro21.com

Photo Credit Enduro21.com

Highland Cycles is back with our next pro interview.  We all know that practice on the bike and hard work is what it takes to be the best in the business but I believe there is more to it than meets the eye.  That is why I am asking the best in the industry some more questions to find out what makes them tick and who they are.  This interview is with the one and only Colton Haaker.  Colton is an amazing athlete who has won about everything you can win.  Her is a short list of some of his accomplishments:

2016 AMA National Endurocross Champion
2016 World Super Enduro Champion
2015 King Of The Motos Champion

HC: Do you have a morning routine that you practice everyday (i.e. not race days)? If so, what is it and why?

Colton:  My morning routine looks like breakfast, followed by a warm up exercise followed by stretching and foam rolling. This gets my body acclimated and ready for the day.

HC:  Do you have a pre-race routine that you use? If so, what does that look like and what are the benefits?

Colton:  Not so much pre-race routine. I do all my hard work during the week and when its race day I let it all go.

HC: What is your favorite book and why?

Colton:  I don’t really have a favorite book.
HC:  If you could only do one training drill, what would it be and why? I am talking about moto skills.

Colton: Trials riding. If there was one thing I would ride trials only.

HC:  Do you have a favorite failure? What I mean is, do you have a failure in your life that, while tough at the time, either changed the course of your life for the better or spurred you on to achieve greater things?

Colton: I would say my 2011 season and finish in the Endurocross series changed me for the better. I had a very hard year with different bikes and injuries that I fought through. I came back in 2012 and won the opener in Las Vegas after Taddy was undefeated for over a year.

HC: Who is the single greatest influence in your life and why?
Colton: My parents are because no one sacrifices as much as your parents. You don't notice growing up but when you get older and start doing things for yourself you do.

HC: What is the most memorable race in your career so far and why?

Colton: The Super Enduro Final in Spain 2016. It was a race that came down to the last turn of the last lap for the World Championship and I made it happen.

HC: What is the most fun about dirt bikes to you?

Colton:  Freedom!

HC: What is one non-motorcycle thing that you enjoy doing?

Colton: Basketball

HC: If you had to purchase a bike and ride it for 1 year and you couldn’t switch at all, would it be 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

Colton: 2 Stroke, Husqvarna TX250

Thanks for taking time out of your schedule Colton.  If you want to check him out on social media you can find him on Facebook at facebook.com/ColtonHaaker10 and on instagram @coltonhaaker

Check out this video Colton did a little while back.  One of the coolest we have seen