Highland Cycles is super excited to announce that we are bringing "Ride Montrose" back in 2018! 


Ride Montrose is a celebration of the amazing off-road and dual sport riding that is here in our valley and surrounding area.  As many of you know and many of you WILL know, Montrose Colorado is MECCA for dirt and dual sport bikes and Highland Cycles wants to celebrate that and spread the "Gospel of Two Wheels"

Let me start by acknowledging the concerns that a lot of locals have about bringing more people to our treasured area.  I know that in a perfect world we would keep our little secret and live in our post card world all by ourselves but the reality is that the people are coming.  With the little thing called the internet, everyone knows everything about everywhere now and Highland Cycles wants to support this knowledge with responsible and fun advertising of our area. 

The reality of our sport is that it is being attacked from lots of different angles right now.  One of the biggest threats right now is the mountain bike community.  I don't understand this because we should be brothers on 2 wheels but that just doesn't seem to be the case.  Let me say that I understand that not ALL mountain bikers dislike dirt bikes.  I ride bicycles as much as dirt bikes myself.

But the reality is that a lot of the non motorized 2 wheelers don't like us and I want to change that and fight (responsibly) for our right to ride.  Just think, the more dirt bikers we share our valley with, the more people we have on our side when we need to fight trail closures like the one in Rico recently.  There is strength in number and organization and a fun, exciting, BIG event can help to promote that. 

Of course there is the added economic benefit to our community.  Not just Highland Cycles and Davis will benefit.  Hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and lots more.  Dirt bikers spend money where they go and money into our economy is a good thing for everyone.

So... Lets do this!!  I haven't picked a firm date for Ride Montrose yet because I am waiting for 2018 race schedules to be released so that we can avoid overlap as much as possible.  We are thinking early July so that all of our riding areas will be legally open and we can enjoy all that we have to offer. 

Here is a list of probable events we will be hosting:

  • Group rides of ALL skill levels
  • Riding skill clinics hosted by top level professionals
  • Tire change competition with AWESOME prizes
  • Guided rides
  • Movie night
  • Music and dinner party downtown
  • Moto swap meet
  • And hopefully lots more!!!

Last time we did this it was a great success and we look forward to making this one even better!  If you are interested in staying in the loop for Ride Montrose as it progresses, please click the button below.  You will be added to an email list and we will keep in touch.

Thanks and remember to get out and ride your DIRTBIKES!!!!