For years the western slope of Colorado has felt immune to the pressures of the anti-motorized movement but recently the push has increased just like the population.  It is time for the off-road motorcycle world to organize and push back.

Since I started riding dirt bike in Colorado, the people in the community have been some of the most wonderful and friendly people I have ever met but also the least organized.  There seems to be a lot of the "I am going to ride whatever I want to ride" attitude and while my more instinctual nature loves that, I realize that itsn't the way to get things done.  The mountain bike community has been organizing for years and consequently they have been getting big things done for good and for bad in my opinion. 

If you don't know, the mountain bike (and other non-motorized) community has been slowly picking off traditionally motorized trails and getting them closed to motorized travel.  I could go on and on and I am sure you could too about why this is annoying and how unfair, and in some cases illegal all of this is but that isn't the point of this post.  The point of this post is to introduce you all to  WESTCORE They are a new club that is building membership and organizing to "...  keep our public lands in Western Colorado accessible to all user groups. Through responsible, cooperative usage, we strive to promote an atmosphere of shared stewardship"


Highland Cycles wants to support this group and all other activists that want to preserve and grow the motorized community through what we call "The Gospel Of Two Wheels"  Part of that mission is to raise money for dedicated groups so we are hoping to kickstart WESTCORE with a raffle/fundraiser during our Supercross Saturday on Jan 6th at Two Rascals


We will be raffling off a FULL suspension re-valve including parts and labor.  That is valued at over $1000.  We are working with our distributors to get some more prizes too.  We will only be selling 100 tickets priced at $30/each.  So your chances of winning are high.  Literally ALL of the money we collect will go directly to WESTCORE to help get some money in their bank and get them rolling.  Tickets are on sale now at Highland Cycles and will be on sale at Two Rascals or until they are sold out.  I would also encourage you to visit the WESTCORE facebook page and join the group so you can stay up to date with all they are doing to help our sport! 

Thanks for reading and please SHARE THE HECK out of this post to all of your motorized friends!!