Eagle Valley Trail!

Unloading at Peach Valley is relatively unassuming.  Its a nice spot, lots of really nice improvements from the BLM, not the least of which is the new Endurocross training track that is open to the public.  But that's not where we are headed.  We are headed East and UP!

Its pretty much a normal beginning to adobe riding as we head east up the small valley through the wooden fence with the trail marker saying "Eagle Valley Trail."  But quickly it changes and if you can peel your eyes off of what's 10 feet in front of you, you can tell things are about to get interesting.  Then, all of a sudden, the valley closescompletely in and all that is left is a narrow crotch in the rock and some tire marks leading into it.  Quickly you realize its time to gas it and pitch the bike starboard into the crack.  As you commit the knobby gains traction and you're headed up a narrow passage into something that looks like it was built for Hollywood.  We are in canyon that overhangs as much as 10 to 15 feet and is solid rock.  Nothing is too hard or too easy but the view is intimidating for sure.  Fan the clutch, not too much gas, ease the machine up, up, up! 

As we round the next few turns the sky opens back up and sun shines in to reveal the beautiful desert canyon and the absolutely amazing terrain.  The walls are steep and the floor is a mixture of rock, sand and perfect dirt.  There is no mistaking the route up.  There is only one way up this valley and it is FUN!!!  You navigate a couple tricky little rock sections and then ease the clutch out and crawl up under the signature overhang (keep your head down, especially if you are filming with a Gopro).   A few more rocky climbs and the floor turns to a nice deep sand and its time to twist it wide and pitch it sideways!  Careful because Eagle Valley is always hiding a few surprises that could teach you a lesson. 

The pace quickens as you climb and there are tons of natural trials obstacles to jump off of and keep the fun meter pegged!  It straightens out for a second and if you take a moment to look ahead you will realized the canyon is closing down and getting really steep.  Worry not!  The trail winds to the right and switches back up the hill to the intersection with Sunset Rocks.  The intersection is a nice place to take a break and, if you are the fast guy, look down and watch your buddies struggle up the final climb.  High fives all around, drink some water and get ready to continue the ascent to the rim of the Black Canyon!

Below is a raw vid of our owner riding up Eagle Valley Trail