Why kids matter to Highland Cycles

To Highland Cycles, motorcycling and specifically off-road motorcycling is the single greatest pass time EVER!!  And while marketing trends and numbers say that we should be focused on the adults with money for our business to survive we just don’t give a damn!!!  

We love kids!  Kids are the most enthusiastic, fun loving and carefree motorcyclists around.  The rest of us seem to worry about suspension set up, running issues, tires, oil leaks, funny sounds, graphics, plastics, the list goes on an on!  But kids…  Kids are just excited to be out and on a bike. They just want to twist the throttle and go.  As long as it starts and runs then it is the best bike in the world to a kid. Remember that feeling???  

Highland Cycles does and that is why we focus so much on kids events, clinics and making sure that they are having a great time on 2 wheels!  We see the young ones as windows into our soul and mirrors that reflect back on how we felt when we got our first bike and the freedom that it provided.   

Kids are also the future of this sport that is constantly being attacked by other groups.  We must teach our children to be passionate ambassadors of the Gospel of Two Wheels!  They will be the ones fighting for our public lands in the future and I know that Highland Cycles wants them fighting on the “right” side of that battle.

If you have kids that ride, or kids that want to ride then please click the button below and sign up for our kids event mailing list.  You will get all of the info about our clinics and ride days first and there will even be some special deals that only YOU will get.  

Also take a minute to look at these photos and video from our last “Kids Ride Day” at Peach Valley!  Thanks and BRAAAAAAAP!!!