Montrose Colorado is hands down the greatest place to ride dirt bikes and dual sport bikes on planet earth!!!  Wait!!! you say, Don't Tell Everyone!!! you say, We Want To Keep It a Secret!! you say.  Well I am here to tell you that people are going to find out no matter what and they are going to come regardless of how secret you try to keep it. 

So, Highland Cycles wants to embrace those folks from out of town and welcome them to our little slice of heaven.  Of course the world would be just peachy if we could just keep things the way they are but I remember when the world population was at 6 billion and now its 7 billion.  A BILLION PEOPLE!!!!  That's a ton of folks and they have to go somewhere and do something for recreation.  Might as well have them ride dirt bikes.  At least then they will be happy people.  

The more dirt bikers there are, the more likely it will be that we can keep some of our trails.  And the more dirt bikers in Western Colorado, the more motorized ambassadors we have on our side!  I propose that instead of trying in vain to keep Montrose a secret that we let the world know how good it is here and then try to teach them to act responsibly and fight for our two wheeled rights! 

Just this week Highland Cycles was fortunate enough to host a great group of guys from the Chicago area.  Many of them had been to Colorado before but never to Montrose.  Kenbob (their fearless leader) contacted me and asked if what we had to offer was any good or close to that of Moab.  I immediately said "Oh man, WAY better than Moab!"  He rounded up 14 guys and headed West.  We were able to show them around the Peach Valley and Dry Creek areas and when it was all done Kenbob (yes that is his name) shook my hand and said "You were right, this is WAY better than Moab, we will be back!" 

Check out some photos that I took from their trip

If you are interested in planning a trip out our way, click the link below and fill out your info.  We will get back to you and get you a FREE moto trip planner that Highland Cycles put together just for you!