Neutech Nitro Mousse

So there is a new Mousse in town!!  Let me start by saying that I am an unabashed fan of running bib mousses in my dirt bike tires.  The reason that I LOVE a bib is because you cannot EVER get a flat while running them and that means one less way for me to waste my precious ride time.  See at Highland Cycles we are all about KEEPING YOU RIDING and every flat takes away from riding and that is NO GOOD!

I know that Mousses are expensive and hard to change if you haven't practiced but the fact is that my time riding is important enough for me to spend some extra money to make sure I don't waste time fixing flats on the trail or in the garage!

That being said, Michelin has been the only real game in town for a long time and they are fine but I was psyched to see another game in town. 

So I mounted up a set on my trusty dumpster baby Jolene and headed out to see how they work! 

I put the Nitros into a Bridgestone M59 up front and a Dunlop AT81 out back.  I have run that set up with Michelins a lot so I know how they are supposed to hook up and I was not disappointed!  Some people are complaining about the Nitros being bouncy but I honestly loved the way they felt from the get go!  Now I am far from a professional so maybe I am not sensitive enough but my bike handled great! 

One of the big claims from Neutech is that the Nitro Mousse will last twice as long as the other mousses.  I have but abotu 25 hours on the mousses so far and I can say that they are holding up well.  Very little change in the feel and when the bike is sitting still they look full and good.  I will be running them until they are completely done and I will have another review when that time comes.

But so far I am very happy and can confidently recommend them to you, my customers and riding friends! 

If you need a Bib Mousse, please call us and we can help you out.  We would also love to ship you a set if you don't live in our wonderful valley! 

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