Dawn Patrol!!!!

What is Dawn Patrol? 

Dawn Patrol is our little riding group that heads out EARLY in the morning on Saturdays to get some miles in before we have to either work or take care of "real life" stuff.

We meet at 6 AM somewhere with dirt bikes!  Yes its crazy early for a weekend day! Yes its tough to get up!  YES its easier to lay in bed!  But DIRTBIKES are way cooler than sleep and all that jazz.  Last week we headed up to the plateau and the Buck Trail for our early morningspin and it payed off in a big way! 

Conditions were beyond perfect!  Fresh moisture in the dirt lead to NO dust and AMAZING traction!  The rain stopped early enough to allow the roots and rocks to dry out but dumped enough to make the dirt between the rocks and roots like VELCRO!!! 

We had 6 folks show up and we were rewarded with some of the best conditions I have ever ridden in!  Enjoy the video from the morning!  And share this around if you think any of your friends would be interested!