Why use an independent motorcycle shop?

All motorcycle shops are not created equal!  At Highland Cycles we believe that the independent shops are the best ones to use and here is why:

Dealerships are great because you can go purchase your new bike, get financed and walk out the door.  But dealerships have an amazing amount of overhead and pressure coming down from the manufacturers that they represent.  Every year they have to buy more machines, more accessories, more tools, more promotional stuff.  That all equals them having no room to work on the cost of their labor or parts.  They also seem to be filled with people who feel pressure all day to sell, sell, sell instead of encourage, lead and teach.  Now this isn't saying that all dealerships are this way and if you have one that is passionate about the sport and you love then by all means, give them your business. 

Independent shops are generally run by enthusiasts who love the sport and just want to see more people riding instead of their bottom line increasing.  We got into this industry because we LIVE motorcycles and we want to spread what we call the Gospel of 2 Wheels!  We aren't forced to buy any specific parts or accessories and we don't get anything for free.  The parts we have hanging on the wall are ones we paid for, tested and approved because we think they will work for you.  Independent shops are also hungry, we don't have shiny new models to draw you in, we just have passion to spread around.  We want your business, we are driven to succeed and the only way to do that is make our customers super happy.  And Highland Cycles can get ANY OEM part you need too.  You don't have to feel like your are forced to by those from a dealership.  Weh have really good relationships with some great dealerships who share our vision.  Like all humans, we make mistakes and drop the ball occasionally but we are motivated to make it right and learn to be better. 

Highland Cycles is a truly independent shop and one built on passion, hopes and dreams.  We are backing those up with hard work, organization, and planning so that we can offer our passion and drive for 2 wheels to the entire world someday.  So, as this season ramps up, consider using Highland Cycles as your personal shop.  We will treat you with the utmost respect and will be grateful for your business.

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