What's in a name??

So, why the name Highland Cylces???  It doesn't position us high in the alphabet, or early in the phone book.  It doesn't really make a lot of sense on the surface but like all we do at Highland Cycles, it is who we are!

Our owner Morgan Spradling is of Scottish descent and has a very deep tie to the Scottish people and their way of life.  When he was originally dreaming of the shop and business he decided that he wanted to pay homage to and proudly state his heritage.  And since Highland Cycles was created in Colorado the highlands of Scotland seemed appropriate place to draw the name from.

After the initial naming and creating of the shop Morgan started to model and continues to shape the business around his passion and the Scottish way of life. 

The Scots are a proud people!  They are a group of hard working, adventurous, self reliant, honest and fiercely driven humans.  They are also know to have been one of the most welcoming tribes in the UK and beyond. 

Highland Cycles is the same way.  We are honest, hard working and we want EVERYONE to join us in the amazing adventure of motorcycling.  We believe that the world would be a better place if everyone rode, if everyone took responsibility for their lives and everyone participated in the adventure that these machines provide!

Like the Scots, we are still a small band compared to big dealerships and sometimes are looked down upon and beaten up by the "man." But we guarantee that we will never, ever give up and we will work tirelessly to "KEEP YOU RIDING"

Our main logo will always be the oval you see below but one of our favorite stickers and Morgan's personal favorite logo is the Mohawked Bagpiper Wheelieing a dirt bike.  If you don't have one, please come by and grab a bagpiper sticker and support Highland Cycles and the exciting world of 2 wheels.

Long live Highland Cycles, the spirit of adventure and the gospel of 2 wheels!!!