Adventure Riding, Highland Cycles Style!

Today it seems like the phrase "Adventure Riding" has really become loose.  I mean, honestly what does a 500lb motorcycle that stays on the pavement more than 90% of the time have to do with adventure?  Of course everyone's definition of adventure is different but I propose that if someone took the time to pave the road then how adventurous could it possibly be??  I know I will catch flak for that statement but HEY, I am not here to please everyone!

Below is my version of adventure!

To get into my head (Scary I know!!) I have to set the scene.  If you don't want to be bored, skip to the pics and captions below.  I have been working very hard on the business of Highland Cycles for almost 10 years now and it has had many ups and MANY downs not the least of which was last year (2016).  We launched our second location in Grand Junction and I can honestly say that it was the hardest and most stressful year I have had to date.  I know you all watching from the outside probably think that all I do is ride but all I can say is that I am a very selective Facebook poster. 

ANYWAY!  Things have been settling down and really coming around recently and I asked my amazing wife if I could take a "mini sabbatical" to Moab for one night to do what really makes me breathe free and clear my head.  Ruth Spradling is an amazing woman and she said "Of course!!" So this morning I rose early, made breakfast and headed West! THIS IS ADVENTURE!!!

The Inca inn is my new GO TO place to stay.  It is inexpensive, clean and has a great location!

The Inca inn is my new GO TO place to stay.  It is inexpensive, clean and has a great location!

I arrived in Moab at about 9:20 this morning and checked into the Inca Inn.  I was early for real check in but they said I could park and unload my dirtbike no problem. So I did just that and bundled up for a brisk ride.  It was 26 degrees when I mounted my big red steed!

It was chilly!!!

It was chilly!!!

My big red girl "Maria" has been with me for a very long time and is still the best bike I have ever owned!

My big red girl "Maria" has been with me for a very long time and is still the best bike I have ever owned!

I kicked the big girl to life and headed back up valley to the Pot Ash Road and headed along the river towards the pot ash mine and the Schafer Trail.  My goal for the day was to get to the White Wash riding area and back to Moab on the most circuitous and fun route I could find, avoiding pavement (and the local constabulary) when at all possible.  The road out to the park was uneventful and a nice little warm up (cool down actually, it was butt cold) and I got to the dirt quickly.  I haven't ridden in a while so it took a little while to get comfortable but I did and I started having fun and wicking it up.  I saw a cool little spot off the road and did some boondocking up to a saddle for a pic. 

Maria is such a lovely lady!

Maria is such a lovely lady!

Then this guy ruined the view!

Then this guy ruined the view!

After a break to warm the fingers up in the deliriously bright sunshine I rolled on up to the Schafer Trail and headed up hill into a very snowy draw.  If you have ever been on this road out of the park you know that it is a very steep, switchbacky road with lots of exposure.  I looked up and it was intimidating because of the snow but I figured that my metric ton of motorcycle would find purchase on the planet so I headed up anyway.  I was right (this time) and Maria propelled me skyward to the top without any issue!

Little snowy but not problem for the bike with more weight than an aircraft carrier!

Little snowy but not problem for the bike with more weight than an aircraft carrier!

After getting to the top of the trail I headed down the slab to get out of the park and head over to Dubinki and White Wash.

No one around!! Weird!

No one around!! Weird!

Having never approached White Wash from this direction It took me quite a few "tries" to get to the right road but I was loving my "wrong" turns.  So much soft sand and great little ledge drops all over the place.  After burning a few quarts of petrol I got to the right road and found the Dubinki Well Rd.  I had never been to the actual well so I skidded on over to check it out.  What a cool little place.  I suggest everyone detours over there sometime.  Great little history lesson on the sign too!

The ACTUAL Dubinki!!

The ACTUAL Dubinki!!

Read up!  Times have been way tougher than they are now folks!

Read up!  Times have been way tougher than they are now folks!

The sun was warming things up nicely so I removed some of my arctic gear and headed on over to the White Wash area for some sandy fun and some single track.  I don't really know my way around over there well but I ended up on the "Enduro Loop" and "Cow Freckles" and had a hoot wrestling the big girl around in the sand.  You know big girls try harder and they do a damn good job!!!



LIttle white lines make it easy to follow even for me!!

LIttle white lines make it easy to follow even for me!!

The one problem with the area is that the views SUCK!!!!

The one problem with the area is that the views SUCK!!!!

I was having an "ear to ear grin" kind of time but looked down and realized that I was running a little low on go juice so I took a little different way back to the road.  I hit the pavement and headed downhill towards hwy 191 enjoying a few super sweet sweeping turns that just make me giggle like I did something bad.  The ride down the hwy to town was actually quite enjoyable.  I clicked the big girl into the tall cog and just cruised on down enjoying the sites and the warm sun.  When I reached the Inn I rolled in and checked my petrol situation.  I cut it pretty close on this one. 

Yep, that's close but it just goes bad if you don't use it anyway!!

Yep, that's close but it just goes bad if you don't use it anyway!!

After I moved everything into my very comfortable room I checked the GPS and found that I had put 126 miles into my fun bank.  Not a bad way to spend the daylight hours. 

Here is the video!

Tech Tip/Friday Blog Post!

This weeks blog post is a little different.  I am going to do a little tech tip that I can't believe more people don't know about. 

So, something that all of us do a fair amount of times is remove the rear wheel.  Changing a tire, replacing a tube, new chain and sprockets, wheel bearings?  All things that require taking the wheel off.  Not a big deal at all but installing it can be a little tougher but still an easy job.  But how do you hold the wheel tight against the adjusters while you tighten the axle nut down??

There are a few different ways but at Highland Cycles we use a small (10mm) wrench placed in between the sprocket and chain to force the wheel forward against the adjusters.  The nice thing about using the wrench is that it is usually being used to adjust the chain adjusters already so its handy.  Another benefit to this is that if you can roll your wheel all the way around with the wrench in place then you know for a fact that your chain is worn out and needs to be replaced.

We recommend Snapon wrenches because if you mess one up they will warrant it ;)

We recommend Snapon wrenches because if you mess one up they will warrant it ;)

Bringing the soul back!

What is the Soul of our industry???  At Highland Cycles we believe the Soul of the motorcycle industry lies in 3 main areas.  Riding, Wrenching, and Comaraderie!!

Highland Cycles is doing our best to bring these three elements back into the everyday experience for our customers.

Riding: It is obvious what riding means to most of us but at Highland Cycles there is another part that we like to think about.  When we think of riding part of that experience is being uncomfortable.  If you think about it, the most rewarding experiences in life usually start off uncomfortable.  Maybe your are scared of an obstacle, maybe the speed is more than you like, maybe its too hot or too cold, but when you finish you are always more satisfied when you have pushed yourself.  We host Thursday night rides every week during the summer and encourage riders of ALL skill levels to join us.  We want to see as many people out enjoying our amazing area as possible.  We wont force anyone to do anything but we will encourage you to push your limits a little and offer all of the help and support that we can.

Wrenching:  At Highland Cycles we don't believe in hiding all of our knowledge behind the shop door and keeping it all a secret.  Of course we make our living fixing and maintaining machines but we also believe that every rider needs a solid understanding of their machine so that they can bond more deeply with their bike.  Bikes are living breathing members of our family and we want you to know them well.  We offer mechanic clinics through out the year to help people get in touch with their machines on a deeper level.  Also, if you are on Facebook and you would like to ask a technical question, please feel free to message the shop anytime and our owner will get back to you as soon as he can. 

Comaraderie:  Riding together is generally so much more fulfilling than a day by yourself (not to mention safer).  But that goes further than just riding.  Motorcyclists are bound together before they even know each other because of the common love we have for this amazing sport.  We have found that riding buddies end up making the best of friends in the rest of life too and at Highland Cycles we like to support that connection.  We host movie watching parties and Supercross nights during the race season to get riders together outside of riding so they can develop life long bonds. 

The best way to stay connected to Highland Cycles and take advantage of all of this is to "like" us on Facebook and join our email list.  We promise to only bring you content that matters and is helpful.  Have a great day and get out and RIDE!!!

Top end Tuesday!!!

At Highland Cycles we are dedicated to KEEPING YOU RIDING!!!  Part of that mission involves educating everyone on different types of periodic maintenance.  I know that we all drive cars that get tons and tons of miles before the motor ever needs anything other than an oil change but our little dirt bike motors are different.  The amount of horsepower that these tiny motors (YES even a 450 is relatively tiny) make means that the top endneeds to be replaced every 100-150 hrs of operation. 

On a 2 stroke that includes a piston, rings, wrist pin, wrist pin bearing, circlips and gaskets.  At Highland Cycles we also disassemble and clean your powervalve to ensure "like new" throttle response and power. 

On a 4 stroke the top end job includes a piston, rings, wrist pin, circlips, gaskets, cam chain and cam chain tensioner.  We will not do a top end on a 4 stroke without replacing the cam chain and tensioner. 

Right now through the end of February we are offering special pricing on parts for top end jobs because we want to get machines in now before they have problems and before we get ridiculously busy.    Below is a quick step by step of a top end on a 2 stroke. 

The bike!  A Husqvarna TE300 with 116 hrs on it!

The bike!  A Husqvarna TE300 with 116 hrs on it!

Step 1:  Clean the living crap out of the bike!!!

Step 1:  Clean the living crap out of the bike!!!

Step 2: Disassemble motor

Step 2: Disassemble motor

When taking the motor apart be very careful

Step 3: Carefully inspect all parts that will be re-used

Step 3: Carefully inspect all parts that will be re-used

Make sure you look closely at all of the parts you plan on re-using.  In the case of this cylinder it was good to go with just a light ball honing to put some crosshatch back in the plating to ensure a good ring seal.

Step 4: Clean and prep motor parts for re-assembly

Step 4: Clean and prep motor parts for re-assembly

Step 5: Assemble motor with pride!

Step 5: Assemble motor with pride!

At Highland Cycles we take great pride in what we do so we sign all of our pistons as a way of saying "Yep, I did that!"

Step 6: Fire that baby up and listen to the beautiful sound of internal combustion!

We hope this was informative and entertaining.  If you have any questions or you would like to schedule us to take care some work please call either of the shops or email us.  All of our info is below!

If you are interested in doing your own top end then click the button below to get our FREE 2 stroke top end guide and check list!

email :

email :


HIghland Cycles is dedicated to KEEPING YOU RIDING and what better way than to challenge you to put more hours on your bike??  Click the poster to order your hour meter online or stop in to one of our stores to buy one and start clocking hours!  If you have any questions call one of the shops to get all of the info.

Montrose 970-240-2197   Grand Junction 970-778-4059

Montrose 970-240-2197   Grand Junction 970-778-4059


As motorcyclists most of us HATE the snow and cold because it cuts down on our time to shred perfect dirt.  BUT... I would like to have you consider a different attitude.  While YES you can't ride your dirt/street bike in a ton of snow (at least not without a snowbike kit) it is a time to REST,  and REBUILD your trusty steed! 

REST:  We all go wide open all riding season long and that produces a ton of fun but also a ton of injuries (small and large) and fatigue.  We work hard all week and ride hard all weekend and our bodies pay a price (one we are more than willing to pay of course) and when the snow finally falls it is an appropriate time to take a step back and let our bodies recover and get stronger for the coming season.  Now of course at Highland Cycles we are proponents of continuing the season with a snowbike or ice screws but the reality is that with short days and low temps there is no way to ride as much as you do during the normal season.  I personally take time to ride my fat bike and spend time with my wonderful family. 

REBUILD:  As our bodies take a beating, so do our bikes.  Imagine how many times your piston has been up and down in its cozy little cylinder over the summer.  An average of 5,000 RPM's while you ride over about 100 hrs of operation during the season come out to be 30,000,000 time up and down.  Thats THIRTY MILLION times!!!!  We could go on to all of the parts of the bikes that take a beating but we all know that things are tired at the end of the season.  And with the snow on the ground and short days that opens up way more time to work on our sweet babies.  Now is the time to buy parts, drop her off, or just do some maintenance so that when this snow melts (and it will VERY soon) your dirt shredder is ready to rock flawlessly for another season. 

At Highland Cycles we are committed to KEEPING YOU RIDING!  Whateverthat looks like.  If you need us to do the work, we can offer the best possible service around.  If you are an experienced wrench and just need parts, give us a call and let us try to get you the best price on the parts you need.  If you want to learn how to work on your bike yourself, come on down and ask us questions.  We will help you out. 

If you love Highland Cycles and you want to help us spread the Gospel of Two Wheels then please share this, comment below or just come in and give us a high five!!!

Change your damn oil!!!

We all know that we need to change our oil in our bikes.  We all know that we need to do it often.  But over and over at Highland Cycles we see problems with bikes because the oil didn't get changed enough or was done improperly.  Some of the problems are small and some are BIG

Customer got distracted while changing oil and forgot to put new oil back in!

Customer got distracted while changing oil and forgot to put new oil back in!

Unless you have a nice place to work with a lift and a place for waste oil, changing your oil at home can be a bit of a pain.  That is why we are offering our "Blitz" service now at both Highland Cycles locations.  For just $69 we will:

1. Change your oil and filter
2. Replace your spark plug
3. Service your air filter
4. Check and set your tire pressures
5. Check your wheel bearings and spokes
6. Check your steering
7. Check your throttle action
8. Check running condition
9. Check your lights (if applicable)
10. Check all body work and bolts
11. Check your drive train and lube and adjust chain
12. Check your suspension and all pivot points

Then give you a comprehensive list of recommendations for you to keep your machine in tip top shape!

That price includes conventional oil, plug shop supplies and tax.   That's right $69 out the door!

Highland Cycles is dedicated to KEEPING YOU RIDING! 

If you have any questions about maintenance or any other mechanical concerns give us a call at either location.

Montrose 970-240-2197
Grand Junction 970-778-4059

or email to

If you ride a 2 stroke you NEED a Lectron Carburetor

Lectron, installed on our 2017 KTM 300 XC

Lectron, installed on our 2017 KTM 300 XC

I have been vehemently against putting anything other than a stock carburetor on any motorcycle forever.  But when I found out that our new KTM was coming with a Mikuni TMX38 I was worried and started thinking about alternatives.  I had heard people talk about lectrons but I always poo pooed them and said that you should learn to jet your bike. 

Well when I got the new bike I started jetting to see if I could make it work.  And I kept jetting, and jetting and freaking jetting.  I kept making it leaner and leaner and it was coming around but seemed ridiculous to go so far off the KTM chart.  I got it running pretty darn well and took it for a ride.  It ran good but had some stumble in the mid range if I didn't get quickly through it and then my mileage was terrible (approximately 45 mile out of 2 gallons of gas).  After that I said "screw it" and called Lectron.  I asked them what it took to be a dealer and the owner asked me if I was just trying one out. After telling him yes he said he would send me one at dealer pricing and after I tried it I could order the 3 minimum that you normally have to do. He was so confident that I would love it.

It showed up in a box from Boerne TX a few days later.  I took it out of the box, installed it on the bike and hit the start button.  Grace (the KTM) lit right up and idled. After letting her warm up a bit I adjusted the idle to where I liked it and took her out on the road to see how she would run.  It was spot on!!!  I let a couple people who were at the shop ride it and they all agreed that it was good but the proof would come up in the mountains in real terrain. 

So a couple days later I took Grace up to the plateau and fired her up.  It was amazing, the bike ran flawlessly.  It is almost like a rheostat on an electric motor.  No burble, no hesitation, just perfect metering of fuel.  And on top of that I only burned 2 gallons of gas in 80 miles and had no spooge at all on my pipe.  

After that test I took Grace up towards Imogene pass above 12000 feet to try out the "adjustability" of the carb.  She ran perfectly again.  I am officially 100% behind the use of these carburetors.  I am not saying that you can't jet a carb to work well where you are but WHY???  For less than $500 you can have something similar to Fuel Injection but without all the junk that comes with it.  No fuel pump to worry about, no micro injector holes to clog, no electronics to have a gremlin.  Just a smooth running bike with perfect fuel delivery, no hassle and great fuel mileage. 

If you have any questions post them here or call one of our shops.  Montrose 970-240-2197 or Grand Junction 970-778-4059.  We would love to talk to you about our experiences and get you set up!!!

Why don't we sell bikes?

"Are those bikes for sale?" "Do you guys sell bikes?" "Why don't you sell machines?"

We get these questions all the time and HERE is the answer!  At Highland Cycles we are dedicated to KEEPING people riding.  We believe in maintaining and fixing the machines that you already own.  We believe that a special bond is created between Man (and woman) and Machine and that you need to foster that bond throughout years of loving on your bike.  Don't get us wrong, we LOVE new bikes and if you can afford to get a new one then we want to help you develop that relationship with that machine and help you make it perform to the best of its ability.  But if you can't afford a brand new one then Highland Cycles is the place to come.  We have NO interest in just selling you a bike and taking advantage of you on a trade in.  We CARE deeply about you and your machine!

Why use an independent motorcycle shop?

All motorcycle shops are not created equal!  At Highland Cycles we believe that the independent shops are the best ones to use and here is why:

Dealerships are great because you can go purchase your new bike, get financed and walk out the door.  But dealerships have an amazing amount of overhead and pressure coming down from the manufacturers that they represent.  Every year they have to buy more machines, more accessories, more tools, more promotional stuff.  That all equals them having no room to work on the cost of their labor or parts.  They also seem to be filled with people who feel pressure all day to sell, sell, sell instead of encourage, lead and teach.  Now this isn't saying that all dealerships are this way and if you have one that is passionate about the sport and you love then by all means, give them your business. 

Independent shops are generally run by enthusiasts who love the sport and just want to see more people riding instead of their bottom line increasing.  We got into this industry because we LIVE motorcycles and we want to spread what we call the Gospel of 2 Wheels!  We aren't forced to buy any specific parts or accessories and we don't get anything for free.  The parts we have hanging on the wall are ones we paid for, tested and approved because we think they will work for you.  Independent shops are also hungry, we don't have shiny new models to draw you in, we just have passion to spread around.  We want your business, we are driven to succeed and the only way to do that is make our customers super happy.  And Highland Cycles can get ANY OEM part you need too.  You don't have to feel like your are forced to by those from a dealership.  Weh have really good relationships with some great dealerships who share our vision.  Like all humans, we make mistakes and drop the ball occasionally but we are motivated to make it right and learn to be better. 

Highland Cycles is a truly independent shop and one built on passion, hopes and dreams.  We are backing those up with hard work, organization, and planning so that we can offer our passion and drive for 2 wheels to the entire world someday.  So, as this season ramps up, consider using Highland Cycles as your personal shop.  We will treat you with the utmost respect and will be grateful for your business.

Gospel of two wheels.jpg

What's in a name??

So, why the name Highland Cylces???  It doesn't position us high in the alphabet, or early in the phone book.  It doesn't really make a lot of sense on the surface but like all we do at Highland Cycles, it is who we are!

Our owner Morgan Spradling is of Scottish descent and has a very deep tie to the Scottish people and their way of life.  When he was originally dreaming of the shop and business he decided that he wanted to pay homage to and proudly state his heritage.  And since Highland Cycles was created in Colorado the highlands of Scotland seemed appropriate place to draw the name from.

After the initial naming and creating of the shop Morgan started to model and continues to shape the business around his passion and the Scottish way of life. 

The Scots are a proud people!  They are a group of hard working, adventurous, self reliant, honest and fiercely driven humans.  They are also know to have been one of the most welcoming tribes in the UK and beyond. 

Highland Cycles is the same way.  We are honest, hard working and we want EVERYONE to join us in the amazing adventure of motorcycling.  We believe that the world would be a better place if everyone rode, if everyone took responsibility for their lives and everyone participated in the adventure that these machines provide!

Like the Scots, we are still a small band compared to big dealerships and sometimes are looked down upon and beaten up by the "man." But we guarantee that we will never, ever give up and we will work tirelessly to "KEEP YOU RIDING"

Our main logo will always be the oval you see below but one of our favorite stickers and Morgan's personal favorite logo is the Mohawked Bagpiper Wheelieing a dirt bike.  If you don't have one, please come by and grab a bagpiper sticker and support Highland Cycles and the exciting world of 2 wheels.

Long live Highland Cycles, the spirit of adventure and the gospel of 2 wheels!!!

What is Highland Cycles to the owner Morgan Spradling?

Morgan, why are you starting another Highland Cycles in Grand Junction right now?

Morgan - "One word!  Dreams!!  I have big dreams.  I don't just want to make a bunch of money and ride dirt bikes.  I want to change the way the motorcycle industry does business.  I want people to work for Highland Cycles as a life long career, be able to save money, support families and have health insurance.  I want my employees to have a higher standard of living.  I don't want Highland Cycles to be just a stop along the way to a "real" career, I want it to be the goal!!!  
   I want to spread the gospel of two wheels and what it can do for your life and your health. I want kids to learn the responsibility that comes with buying, maintaining and riding motorcycles.  I want to keep people away from computer screens and video games.  I want people to be excited about something wonderful.  I want people to be able to walk into ANY Highland Cycles and get the very best service, parts, accessories and riding advice that there is to offer at the very best price possible.
   I have BIG DREAMS!!!!  Thank you all for your support and thank you God for all of your blessings!!"

Why Highland Cycles???

Why Highland Cycles and not any other shop???  That is a very good question and one that I love to answer!

Highland Cycles was started because of an entrepreneurial seizure that our owner Morgan Spradling had back in 2006.  He was working for a dealership and woke up one day thinking that he could do it better.  He HAD to do it better.  It was all he could think about for months and months.  Finally he pulled the trigger, borrowed way too much money and started Highland Cycles in March of 2007.  He didn't have a clue what was going to happen but he HAD to do it. 

After years of struggling, selling all of his bikes, buying more bikes, selling them again, hiring, firing, borrowing and begging he finally started to move in the right direction.  He realized his primary aim.  "To Keep People Riding!"  He didn't want to sell new bikes, didn't want to make as much money possible, he wanted people to ride their bikes.  After all, that is what this is all about right??? 

He hired Mick in March of 2012 and things started to change, they started to get more done and reach more people.  Then came Chad in 2014 and Jon this year.  Now they are opening a shop in Grand Junction!!!  The Highland Cycles Gospel is spreading. 

So back to the "Why Highland Cycles" question.  Its simple really.....

Because they want to keep you riding.  They thrive on the smiles of customers as they fire their bikes up.  They are elated when someone rides with them and exclaims "Holy S&*T that was AWESOME."  Highland Cycles is the real deal and while they aren't perfect, they LOVE motorcycles and everything about them. 

Don't go back to the big box filled with shiny parts and people who hate their jobs, go see Morgan, Mick, Chad and Jon and get psyched on riding!!!!

Fall in Colorado with Highland Cycles!!!

As you know, Highland Cycles is very much a motorcycle focused shop and that has a lot to do with Morgan our founder.  He is a die hard motorcyclist to his core.  BUT!!!  Highland Cycles is also dedicated to keep ALL of your powersports equipment running well and performing above average!

Our mechanics are very familiar with all types of powersports equipment from side by sides to snowmobiles to snowbikes!  Chad and Jon can fix anything and love making all kinds of things go faster and handle better.

Together they have worked for every manufacturer out there and can help you make your sled, snowbike, quad or side by side work to its absolute potential.


So, if you have lots of different toys, bring them into us and we will take very good care of all of them. 

Highland Cycles Providing Adaptive Equipment

I am very happy to report that we just recently did our first adaptive modifications to a dirt bike to get a rider back out there who had an injury that was keeping him from riding.

We were approached by this gentleman a month ago.  He had lost a lot of use of his right hand and wrist and was wondering if we could do something to help him be able to get back on a dirt bike.  Our mechanics and parts guys got together and came up with a plan.  We didn't know if it would all work but we were willing to give it a try if he was.

His biggest concern was the front brake.  He really couldn't grip hard enough or fast enough to feel comfortable with the brake on the right side. 

First up we needed to find a way to get the front brake control over to the left side.  Fortunately that was pretty straight forward.  We got a KTM hydraulic clutch master cylinder and built a custom line that went to the front brake caliper.  It worked perfectly. 

Because his left hand would be busy with the brake we tipped his clutch lever down and installed a Rekluse CORE EXP 3.0 to take care of that.

After that we installed a "cramp buster" on the throttle to allow him a little easier operation of the throttle with less grip needed.

Not his bike

Not his bike

We are psyched to say that it all turned out really well and the customer is back on 2 wheels again and loving it. 

Highland Cycles is committed to helping people get out and ride.  Whether you need new tires, a motor rebuilt or custom controls built we will do WHATEVER it takes to get you out!!!!!

Highland Cycles 2016 Race Team


Want to join the Highland Cycles 2016 race team???  We are accepting resumes from now until November 15th for sponsorship for the 2016 season.

Highland Cycles will be choosing between 4 and 6 riders to help out next year.  Sponsorship will include a full set of gear (pants, jersey, gloves), 2 sets of tires, parts and service discounts and support at a number of the Webe and Moto Mayhem races! 

We will be basing our decision on a bunch of factors but one of the big ones is a commitment to attending all of the races possible and supporting Highland Cycles at the races and in the community. 

Highland Cycles is committed to the racing community and we want to help the sport as much as possible. 

Please submit resumes to or at the shop in person.

We will announce the race team members January 1st!!!

ProTaper Micro Bars are HERE!!!

When we found out about the ProTaper Micro bars we were super excited.  As you all know, we support kids riding more than anything and we are always looking for a way to make their experience better.  Well ProTaper has come up with a great way to do just that, The Micro Bar. 

I am going to let you read their words about the bars because they explain it better than I can.

 "The ProTaper Micro Handlebar kit was designed to revolutionize the way youth riders control their off-road motorcycles. By employing recent advances in manufacturing techniques, ProTaper has innovated a handlebar conversion kit that offers a reduced diameter handlebar for youth riders to better grasp while riding and racing. By reducing the hand-hold area, youth riders can now grasp the reduced size grip the same way an adult rider grasps traditionally sized grips. This gains more control, drastically reduces fatigue, and ultimately gives younger riders the opportunity to ride and race to their full ability. The unique design of the Micro handlebar utilizes an advanced, abrupt-taper, to give it a smaller diameter in the hand-hold areas while still maintaining a 7/8” diameter throughout the clamping and control areas; making it simple to directly install onto any make or model 2-stroke mini cycle of 85cc and smaller."

We have been waiting for quite a while to get our sets of the bars but they are finally here and I am so excited to get a pair on my kids bikes.  The design is great and the fit and finish of the kit is very high quality.  If you have a kid on a bike 85cc's or smaller I highly recommend a set of these bars to help them to have a better time while riding.

We don't have them available on the website yet but you can call the shop and we will ship them anywhere in the US or you can swing on down and check them out in person.

Highland Cycles IS FUN!!!

Motorcycles are fun, they aren't necessary, we do not NEED them!  We as people do NEED fun and activity and this select group of people called motorcyclists have chosen these two wheeled magic carpets as our means to fun, escape, relaxation, excitement, exercise, and camaraderie!

Highland Cycles was created and is driven by the desire to create fun in the form of motorcycling.  We don't sell parts to save you money, we don't offer great service because you need to get to work on your bike.  We do everything we do to keep you riding and having FUN!!!  Even if you commute or work from your bike, we all know that it is more fun on two wheels than any other mode of transportation!

When you think of motorcycles and you think of fun, think of HIGHLAND CYCLES!!!!